Picture Certification Name Certified By Business Scope Available Date-Expired Date Verified
D&B DUNS ALLWIN 2023-09-01 ~ 2024-08-31  
TUV TUV Rheinland Basic Information Management Information Operation Information R&D Capacity and Production Capability 2018-08-13 ~ 2019-09-04  
TUV TUV Rheinland Railing fitting, glass hardware, door and windows hardware 2016-09-06 ~ 2017-09-05  
SGS SGS The laboratory tests according to the test requests and samples provided by client, and the results are as Follow: Test Request: Please see attached pages 1. Tensile Test 2. Elasticity Modulus 3. Hardness Test 4. Density Reference Method: Test Method: Please see attached pages 1. CNS 2111 (1996) 2. ASTM E11-17 3. CNS 2115 (1983) 4. JIS Z8807.8 (2012) 2019-08-25 ~  
SGS SGS Test Requested: Compression test Test Methods: 1. The samples were clamped a 12.5 mm tempered glass then secure whole set on the testing platform. (As shown in photo B) 2. A bolt was screw to the sample and protruded length shall be at least 30 mm from the rim of sample. 3. Apply a downward force to the two screws at position 25 mm from the rim of samples, till the apply force up to 500 lbf or glass was broken, stop test. 4. Release the force then check the sample whether slipped or not by visual inspection, record any findings. 5. Testing machine: INSTRON 5581, Rate: 5 mm/min. 6. Loading pad: 20 mm thickness of steel plate with a round head. 2014-06-09 ~