Our Value


ALLWIN Commitment to Quality is our motto.Our core value is Integrity, Fairness, Social Responsibility and Fun.


Integrity, Honest

We educate the worker in our factory to be Honest. We ask them to be Honest not only in factory but also in their personal life. Which help our worker has heathy mind to handle each details on work.


We deem Fairness as Justice. The people who devote themselves, deserve the reward and compliment. This policy encourages our worker to work with all their strength.

Social Responsibility

As a quality Architecture hardware manufacturer, I believe our Social responsibility is to produce high quality product with fair price. To help people in worldwide can use the quality product with reasonable pay.


We try to build a fun environment at job base on above three values. We believe a fun job environment can help our worker working with passion and responsibility.
These four values in our Factory help our worker to produce quality product and good service. So that we can say we dedication to customer.