What is the brass forging?

Brass is a forging alloy that consists of copper and zinc.
Brass has great strength and ductility compared to copper. Brass forging is the production procedure of brass hardware. Brass raw materials are heated and are pressed by a forging machine, then they will plastically deform to achieve certain mechanical properties and required shapes.  


Four advantages of brass forging

Compared to other methods of casting, brass forging has several benefits as follows:

  1. High Strength
    The forging machine keeps exerting high pressure on the brass alloy and producing a very dense and refined grain structure, therefore brass alloy significantly increases the strength and ductility during the process of forging.

  2. Close Tolerances
    Brass forging offers a closer dimensional tolerance compared to sand casting. Close dimensional tolerances can reduce redundant machine operating and costs, then improve the quality and efficacy of production.

  3. Great Cost-effective
    Brass forging has a cost advantage in mass production, resulting in cost savings.

  4. Elimination of Porosity
    Porosity is an important factor that affects the strength of metal material. ALLWIN brass forging can offer high-quality metal products by eliminating porosity.