Hydraulic Door Hinge
Product Description
  • Hydraulic Door Hinge
Brand Name: Allwin
Model Number: 257HYD
Packaging Details:one piece in one white box. 
appropriate white box in one carton.
Delivery Detail:10-35days

Hydraulic Door Hinge


Product Description


 Hydraulic Door Hinge



Hydraulic Door Hinge

 Hydraulic Door Hinge

Item nr.



  90 x 55 mm




Brushed Nickel/
Polished Chrome/ electroplating 

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 Hydraulic Door Hinge

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 Hydraulic Door Hinge

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 Hydraulic Door Hinge

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 Hydraulic Door HingeHydraulic Door Hinge


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ALLWIN Contact Information

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Robert Wang




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How We Commitment To Quality

ALLWIN commitment to quality” is one of the values in ALLWIN culture.

To ensure the quality consistent, ALLWINinspect and well-control each procedure throughout the mass-production.

1. To ensure the material component follows the ASTM standard, ALLWIN use spectrometer to check the raw material before production. Before casting, we check the stainless steel element. After die-cast out, we check aging the casting. We also use spectrometer to check the solid bar before we start to machining it.

We also do the hardness testing for the product if necessary.

Hydraulic Door Hinge

2. ALLWINuse measuring tools to check the product in each procedure throughout the mass-production to ensure the dimension of product meet customer’s requirement.Hydraulic Door Hinge

3. ALLWIN arrange Quality control department in each step of the mass-production to ensure each production fulfill their duty to produce well-product.

4. ALLWIN use salt spray testing machine to test the product, to ensure it meet specific corrosion-resistance requirement.

Hydraulic Door Hinge

5. ALLWIN use 2D and 3D drawing to communicate with customer, which is clearly and accurately.
we also have a 3D printer which helps us to develop new item and also prints sample for customer approval.
Hydraulic Door Hinge

Hydraulic Door HingeHydraulic Door Hinge

Base on above five quality control steps, ALLWIN proudly says that ALLWIN commitment to quality