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Our Handrail support bracket and saddle stem bracket are made of 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel or 2205 stainless steel material to used for protection, decoration, and convenience in the architectural railing system. ALLWIN glass hardware supplier has made our handrail support bracket and saddle stem bracket for different sizes of tube post mount. Square post, round post, rectangular post, oval elliptical post. also the adjustable saddle for stair post, you can adjust the angle of the saddle easily for the each different stair job site. We also offer optional saddle. you can stock the bracket and saddle separately and assemble it for different job sizes such as for round tube or square tube handrail. Our handrail support system has been applied in many different areas. If you need other hardware such as glass railing hardware or floor mount bracket, contact us without hesitation.